Who we are

Metxes Belcast was born in May 2005, counting with more than ten years of experience in the sector of manufacture of wicks, both to level national as international, with the purpose of being the only company in the sector in which it can offer to all its customers, both wicks either of Rayon or Cotton ( Capiteles, Cuadrilongas, Trenzadas, etc. ) as well the necessary auxiliary products, (Pvc containers, liquids dyes, regulators of flame, Porta – wicks for candles and lamps, etc.) for the manufacture of candles, oil lamps, plugs, etc.


  •  Cuadrilonga Wick
  •  Capitel Wick
  •  Rayón Wick
  •  Doblada Wick
  •  Reunida Wick
  • Cord for oil burners